Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Liverpool's new signing scores goals

Maxi Rodriguez, signed sneakily behind everyones' back, scored his second hat-trick in 7 days yesterday to put Liverpool closer to that prestigious Uefa Cup place, or euro cup or whatever it's called now.

Liverpool beat Fulham 5-2 to climb above Spurs in the league into 5th place, marking a pretty impressive turnaround for Liverpool since mumbling magician Kenny Dalglish sorted the place out.  Fulham are another team like Aston Villa and Everton, condemned to live in the limbo of 'between 7th place and 15th' - never falling near relegation and never troubling anyone at the top half of the table.  At least Michael Jackson's embalmed corpse provides some excitement at Craven Cottage - a stadium named to sound like somewhere Hagrid would live.