Thursday, 12 May 2011

King Kenny given a king kongtract

As we've previously mentioned on FitbaThatba, Kenny Dalglish has completely transformed Liverpool and its entire playing squad from woeful, car stealing minks into accomplished, winning, car stealing minks, and now he's been appointed manager:

another picture stolen from the bbc

Dalglish has signed a 3 year deal to try and continue the good work he's done at Anfield since removing Woy Hodgson from his perch (he's an owl).  Liverpool's shock rise in form has nothing to do at all with the purchase of 2 of the most expensive strikers in Premier League and world football, Woy just struggled to get the most out of the team!  Fernando Torres is struggling to play football now like a character in a children's story; it's almost as if he found some magical football boots as a child and found that they gave him unbelievable powers of football ability, and now 20 years later the power has run out.  Next season he'll find out that he was good at football all along.

Playing for Chelsea's reserves.