Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kevin Davies is scared

Kevin Davies lives in constant fear that men will come and take his friend, and team-mate, Gary Cahill away from him.

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Our spies have gathered this information from the internet, and specifically from The Daily Mirror:
Kevin Davies fears that his in-demand Bolton team-mate Gary Cahill could leave the club in the summer.
The England defender is wanted by a number of clubs, with Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal all believed to be interested in securing his services.
“You expect someone to come in at some stage for someone as good as him," said Davies.
"As far as I know we have never had an offer for him and we’ll keep an eye on it over the summer.
This shocking tale of horror is just one of the many things that haunts Kevin Davies on a daily basis.  If it isn't the ghouls on Twitter forcing him to abandon life on the internet, it's the horrific beasts that threaten to take away all those that he loves and make them play for opposing football teams for more money and greater chances of success.  Even the thought of going to sleep is too much for Davies, because that's when the evil Kenny Dalglish comes and buys players from Bolton Wanderers.  Stuck in eternal awakeness Kevin must wander the streets of Bolton doing something else to do with horror stories... I dunno, I'm not sure awakeness is even a word.  I've gotten bored of this post halfway through.  Cahill will move in the summer.