Thursday, 26 May 2011

Joey Barton to leave Newcastle

Convicted criminal Joey Barton will not be offered a new contract by Newcastle United after his current one expires, according to his agent, Willie McKay:

"you should have seen his face... well, what was left of it!  LOL"

"We had talks in January - Joey was prepared to take a drop in wages and we couldn't get anywhere," Barton's agent Willie McKay told BBC Newcastle.

"I had a meeting this morning with [managing director] Derek [Llambias] and [football secretary] Lee [Charnley] and there was no offer on the table.

"I've no idea what their thoughts were on the situation, they knew he was going to take less money. He's 28, which is a funny age, he needed a four-year contract which would see him through his best years.

"He was happy with four years and less money.
More sound Newcastle transfer dealings here.  Having put up with Barton through the times that he underperformed and spent time in jail for kicking the shit out of people, now that he's consistently playing football as one of the best midfielders in the Premiership it's high time that he moves on to different club.  For free.  If he wanted more money then this would make sense, so the only plausible reason for wanting to move on a player of this quality who has, it seems, overcome all of his past difficulties is to allow more spare cash with which to buy fresh meat to feed Shola Ameobi.  IT'S HUNGRY AGAIN!!!!!!