Friday, 20 May 2011

Giuseppe Rossi hit by a Bull

I have no idea what the fuck is going on with this story but the Guardian reported that Giuseppe Rossi was hit by a bull. An actual bull, one of those male cows.

On his twitter Rossi wrote -
"Got hit by a damn bull. We [are] at this farm and running around with them. Got caught but still on my feet."
Conflicting reports about the goings on down the farm. One newspaper suggested that Rossi is a big fan of Jackass and was on the farm getting up to various high jinx, including riding the bull naked apart from a pair of football socks, drinking bull semen and rounding up the herd on rocket propelled roller skates.

Spanish newspaper Estoy claimed there were more sinister goings on at the farm situated about 15 miles outside of Villareal. A private investigator discovered Rossi and fellow teammate Cani were both members of the animal lovers forum. Not as innocent as the name suggests, members of the forum actually upload photographs and arrange meetings to show just how much they love the animals. It's claimed Rossi was balls deep in the sexiest cow in the herd when the bull got jealous and attacked the diminutive striker. Luckily Rossi was merely grazed by the beast but sadly he never got to finish.