Monday, 2 May 2011

Footballers becoming Bitter about Twitter

Another footballer today has announced he has deleted his twitter account. Yes he did need to make an official announcement.

Kevin Davies has sent shock waves through the internet world. Quotes from the Daily Fail -
'Just to let you all know today will be my last day on Twitter,' wrote Davies. 'It’s been very interesting and met some great people but not for me any more.
'Reason for leaving is partly due to abuse that nobody needs really.'
What did these footballers really expect to happen? Signing up to Twitter automatically makes you fair game for having the pissed ripped out of you. It's an anonymous method of insulting celebrities, there is no better way of entertaining yourself than spending your spare time making fun of people who are way better looking, talented and rich than you are. His wife got in on the action, calling the Twitter bullies moronic pillocks, for calling her husband overweight. Personally I am amazed that she knew how to spell moronic, probably used an online spell checker I would imagine. I'm surprised she has time to go on the internet with all that cooking she needs to do to satisfy "Super" Kev's appetite, the fat bastard.