Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Footballers are allowed to cheat on their wives

Reality TV "star", and I use this term very awkwardly, Imogen Thomas, has been in the papers for the last Year or 3 or however long she's been famous for, because after doing fuck all in a house on TV she started A career showing her tits to anyone who could afford to buy magazines.  Now she's in them because she's Not a fan of court injunctions:

Got to love the internet.  From The BBC:
A footballer granted a temporary injunction to stop publication about a relationship with a reality TV star was "fully entitled" to anonymity, a High Court judge says.
Justice Eady has reserved judgement on lifting the injunction after a private hearing with the man's lawyers, the Sun and Imogen Thomas in London.
He said the footballer was married with a family and the court had to consider his privacy rights under European law.
Ms Thomas said she had been "gagged".
In fairness people should be allowed their own privacy and not have marital affairs posted all over the God-damn internet and in newspapers but footballers are famous so they are fair game.
God only knows what would happen if footballers weren't allowed to do what they wanted all the time, and I think God would be pleased to know that the finest creatures he created are going around hotel rooms and just Shagging people they aren't married to.  That is assuming that there is a god, which of course we all know there isn't.  If only there were a way to find out who this mysterious cheater is, like on the internet, or on a blog where its cryptically written down in out of place capital letters.  Until we can work out a way to uncover this information feel free to guess who it might be and post it on twitter, because it's fun that way!