Wednesday, 25 May 2011

FIFA are a joke

So with accusations being thrown at FIFA left right and centre, they finally decided to investigate the bribery allegations. The man they are investigating? None other than the man running against Sepp Blatter in the Presidential election, Mohamed Bin Hammam. It's very possible that FIFA are the single most corrupt organisation in the world today.

Sepp Blatter or Tony Soprano. I forget
If all goes to Blatter's plan then he would left completely unopposed at the upcoming election meaning we would be stuck with the miserable old cunt for another few years yet, which guarantees that no technology will be brought in to assist referees and we will probably end up with the world cup being played on the moon, as long as enough money was on the table.

Chances are that Hammam has been getting his fingers dirty and the other man being investigated Jack Warner is so corrupt, it's incredible that he is actually allowed to walk the streets, when he should be serving about 20 years inside a prison somewhere getting violated by a giant tattooed man named Steve. The point is that pretty much the whole of FIFA is corrupt, not just these two individuals who just so happen to be firmly placed in the Anti-Sepp Blatter camp.

 Football is run by a bunch or horrible, sleazy, greedy old men who really don't give a shit about "the good of the game" which would be fine, apart from the fact that we are going to have world cups in Russia (racist thugs and potatoes) and Qatar (women haters and gay bashers). I'd like to see Blatter assassinated by a Roberto Carlos free kick and replaced by Maradona, football would just turn into one giant coke, fueled piss-up. That's the world I want to live in and yes I am aware of my hypocrisy in calling Russian people racist.