Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fifa are corrupt.


More shocking news coming out about Fifa and SUPPOSEDLY some of the committee members were seeking bribes during the campaign for the World Cup 2018 bids.

Former Chairman of the FA Lord Triesman, looking like a smug dick above, has been blowing the whistle all over the place about the dodgy goings on at Fifa and his allegations are absolutely brilliant.

If he was to back England's campaign to get the world cup, in return Concacaf President, Jack Warner, wanted £2.5 million to build schools and offices in Trinidad. Later he requested £500,000 in order to secure a TV rights deal that would allow him to screen the tournament on big screens on the Island of Haiti.......? In both instances the money would have to be paid directly to Warner's account. Obviously.

However this is nothing compared to Paraguayan Fifa executive Nicolas Leoz, who asked if he could be secured a knighthood in return for backing England. A fucking knighthood. That is the most ridiculous bribe since Dr.Evils 1969 request of $100billion. 
ALLEGEDLY, there are also, somewhat unsurprising, claims that some members took cash in exchange for voting for Qatar. With the Cameroon and Ivory Coast representatives being accused of accepting $1.5million for their vote. A pretty good piece of business if you ask me. $1.5m to Qatar is the equivalent of finding a 20p down the back of the sofa.

It remains to be seen whether these allegations are proven to be true. If you ask me Fifa are definitely not a bunch of thieving, corrupt, money grabbing dinosaurs who do not give a shit about football. Nope, they are definitely upstanding gentleman, honest and hardworking, with the best interests of football always at the forefront of all their decision making. Allah be praised.