Friday, 6 May 2011

Everyone wants to leave West Ham

West Ham's lovely chairmen will let all the players they can't afford leave in the summer when they are definitely relegated.  What a delightful tale:

The BBC says: 
"It's unfair to tell a player to forego your potential England career to come down and play in the Championship," Gold told the BBC's Football Focus.
Scott Parker, Carlton Cole, Robert Green and Matthew Upson are all now established England squad regulars. 
"It's unrealistic to ask an England player to come down and play in the Championship," warned Gold, who has recently been in hospital, where he was treated for cholangitis - an infection of the common bile duct - and septicaemia.
"It impacts on his career. Would I try [to stop them]? Of course, I would try but you would have a one in 10 chance."
Now I don't know about you but I expect most of Europe's elite to be after those players.  Parker may return to his home and wife in the 1940s having accidentally left through a time portal sometime during the war.  Robert Green is a tried and tested international class goal keeper who you can always rely on, Matthew Upson shows a lot of potential and could be one of England's future generation... oh, no wait he's 32 now... and Carlton Cole is too black for most Italian and Spanish teams so he'll probably move to an English team that needs to spend a lot of money on a striker who isn't very good, like Newcastle, where he can be relegated again next year.