Tuesday, 17 May 2011

End of Season Japes

It's happened - the season is more or less over and we will be subjected to either doing things outside with real people or watching shit sports like cricket.  Personally I just take a lot of ketamine to get through the football-less summers but here are some "bants" from the end of the season OI OI!

Premature, I know, but this is my blog so go fuck yourself.  Earlier last month we saw Sergio Ramos dropping the Copa Del Dey under the Real Madrid team bus, and now below you can see Maarten Stekelenburg dropping the Dutch Eredivisie trophy off the back of a tram after Ajax won the league.  This is the goalkeeper that Man Utd are rumoured to be signing by the way.  This cannot be a good sign.

In Italy AC Milan won Serie A and Kevin Prince Boateng celebrated in the traditional Italian way, by pretending to be Michael Jackson.  I think it's something to do with the country being Roman Catholic and worshiping pedophiles or something.  ALLEGEDLY.  Cannot ever forget to use that word.

We have also seen fans getting creative and using planes to wind up oppositions by flying banners in the sky.  There was this one for Avram Grant after successfully getting West Ham relegated:

And of course this one for Preston which led Phil Brown to say he would have shot down the plane:

Sunderland's players preferred to have a fight instead

None of them are as good as Corinthians last season. Not content with merely dropping a trophy. Corinthians of Brazil, in keeping with the pure mentalness of South American football, decided to set their trophy on fire.