Sunday, 1 May 2011

Decisions, decisions, the wrong decisions.

Referees. They are just a bit rubbish aren't they? As demonstrated in the weekends two major fixtures of the weekend (in Engerland of course). Saturday saw Chelsea beat Spurs 2-1 and today we witnessed Arsenal doing what Arsenal do best, play well when it doesn't matter and beat Manchester United 1-0

So first of all to Stamford Bridge. Spurs took the lead when Sandro disobeyed his master, the meltey-faced cockney dodger Redknapp, by crossing the half way line and scoring a spanker from 25-30 yards. Sandro ran over to celebrate with his manager and instead got a tirade of abuse for daring to venture forward and actually have a shot at goal. It seemed that Harry Redknapp had decided that he didn't actually want to win the game and get Champions League football because ........ he's a twat? I honestly can't think of a logical reason for Spurs to play so defensively.

Chelsea were easily the better team in this game but were certainly aided by terrible officiating from the referee and his assistants and what I can only assume is a giant kid with downs syndrome playing in goals Heurelho Gomes. Lampard shot from about 30 yards, straight at Gomes, which trickled through his legs. Gomes seemed to save his blushes and a goal by scrambling back and getting the ball before it crossed the line. Only he didn't, as the assistant who was about 15 yards behind the play decided he had magical powers of observation and could see through players, goal posts and calculate if the ball had actually crossed the line and awarded a goal. Without going into too much detail, the second goal scored by Kalou was offside. Now these aren't decisions that can be interpreted differently, they were not goals.

With Chelsea winning the pressure was on Manchester United. Inevitably with nothing left to play for Arsenal decided to fool their fans with false hope for next season by being awesome again, despite still displaying their phobia of shooting from outside of  10 yards on several occasions.

Mind boggling it is, to think that this Manchester United team are still in all likely-hood going to win the league. For most of the second half, when chasing the game, they were playing Carrick and Park in central midfield. Who were about as effective as the shoe I used to try and smash my television to pieces after 90 minutes of Alan Smith's co-commentating.

A well deserved goal from the very likeable Aaron Ramsey was enough to win the game for the Arsenal. More terrible refereeing was on display again and will detract from a game in which Manchester United were as poor as Arsenal were good. Without a doubt Vidic should have been sent off for his handball. Knowing Robin Van Persie was behind him and going to head the ball from 6 yards out, Vidic skillfully punched the ball to safety and convinced all, including the commentators that his neck had expanded 6 inches in 0.06 seconds. This would have meant a penalty and a red card AND WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Probably what happened anyway to be fair.

"These things are evened out over time" is the phrase that has been coined for when referees make an arse of it. Usually they mean over the course of a season, not over the course of 90 minutes. About three minutes were remaining on the clock when Owen was fouled by Clichy in the box. Yes he was fouled, it was definitely a penalty, unless you don't count raking your studs down a players calf and bringing him to the ground, as he is clear through on goal, a penalty. If you don't consider that as a foul, then it was a brilliant decision.

Ferguson said something along the lines of
"If Arsene said it was a penalty, then it was definitely a penalty"
He also said something about Manchester United never getting the decisions in big games, his body then swelled up with hypocrisy and his eyes exploded. What to take away from this weekend is the following, referees are not bias towards any team, they are just a bit shit. Both Chelsea and Arsenal were the deserved winners and referees definitely don't like Tottenham Hotspur.  If you have read all of this then congratulations you just won a million high-fives. Use them wisely.