Friday, 27 May 2011

Champions League excitement builds

Saturday's Final looms ever closer as the days in the week count down.  Yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday, which means by the process of elimination and the assistance of one of my favourite songs, I have deduced that today is Friday.  But which formation will Sir Alex taaaaaaaaaaake?

All the papers are going fucking mental about this one and are speculating that Man Utd might play a 4-4-2 or maybe a 3-4-3.  Holy fuck grenades!  Darren Fletcher is rumoured to be too sick to play because he has a mysterious illness (it's pronounced 'gay', Darren) and Paul Scholes wants to Utd to attack because presumably that will result in goals

Personally I would like Owen Hargreaves to start in a wheel chair, carrying a shotgun and firing indeterminately and randomly at Gary Neville while he sits in the stands.  I'd like Barca to play a 1-1-8 with all their previous great strikers lined up on the pitch at the same time including ones no-one has heard of, with Messi playing in goals, dressed in a penguin suit.

That's what I want to see.  And did FIFA listen to me?  Only time will tell...