Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brad Friedel wanted by Liverpool. Is old.

Super goal-stopper and great grandpa Brad Friedel is wanted by North Englandshire's merseyside reds, Liverpool FC according to reports in some newspapers:

stolen from the telegraph
When I heard this rumour I assumed that they wanted someone to do their gardening, or make little plastic models of old war planes because I'm not sure that people who need to use motorised vehicles to travel from their house to the shops should be playing professional football.  But then I read this in the Daily Mirror:
Anfield boss Kenny Dalglish is confident he has won the race to sign the former USA international on a free transfer.
Liverpool have offered golden oldie Friedel, 40, a two-year deal and he is ready to return to his first Premier League club.
Friedel spent three years at Anfield after arriving from Columbus Crew in 1997 and will go back as Pepe Reina's No. 2.
That must be the sweetest deal in the world - you get paid shit loads of money to watch Premier League games from the best seat in the house, play football most days and you get home from work at about 3pm every afternoon.  And in Brad Friedel's case, you can tell your grandkids about Vietnam and how those damn Japs hate everything about America.  Kids never learn anything at school!