Monday, 23 May 2011

Bendtner bored / wants to move to Bayern

Nicklas Bendtner is fed up after spending another season on the bench at Arsenal and now he wants to move clubs:

According to lots of different newspapers the Dane has requested a transfer and thinks Bayern Munich would be just great for him, and I agree.  Victims of mental illness have to be treated with care and respect - Wenger even went as far as to convince him that he is a professional football player but perhaps should have stopped at the point of actually playing him.  Bendtner's self confidence is well renowned throughout the world of football and his deluded opinion of himself was confirmed by a computer that measures players' perceptions of themselves.  From Offside:
"One of the categories is called 'self perceived competence,' i.e. how good the player himself thinks he is,'' [Gunners' sport psychologist Jacques Crevoisier] told Swedish magazine Offside. ''On a scale up to 9, Bendtner got 10! We have never seen that before. Pat Rice [Arsenal's assistant manager] was sitting next to me and couldn't stop laughing.
Is there a fucking laboratory at the Emirates?  First they inject players with yellow liquids and now they measure brain waves?  I hope there's a level about this on LA Noire.