Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Balotelli throws water bombs in Milan

I think we should give Mario his own section or something like that.  Remember how we told you that he missed the FA Cup celebrations the other day?  This is what he was doing instead:

 From The Sun:
The controversial Italian striker, 20, was caught on camera throwing water bombs at a meeting of Serie A club chiefs on Monday - having been given the night off by City for 'family reasons'. 
Balotelli also dodged City's end-of-season dinner on Sunday night, during which he was named as their Young Player of the Season. 
But, on Monday evening, Italian TV caught him, his brother Enoch and agent Mino Raiola larking about at the annual Milan event. 
Together they drenched TV crews while, earlier, Balotelli brought chaos to the narrow streets as he tried to park his white Maserati before being picked up by Raiola.
What makes Balotelli brilliant is that none of his japes are going to see him end up in jail - he just really seems to enjoy annoying people. He has no malicious, kung-fu streaks like Cantona, no boring alcohol addictions like Tony Adams - he's a perfect example of a 20 year old given millions of £ to spend and who just wants to fanny about with it.  So fuck you Gary Neville