Thursday, 19 May 2011

Arsene Wenger spies on his players

Robin Van Persie has been speaking to The Sun about how he and his teammates have no private life anymore because Arsenal track their whereabouts.  Wait, what?

In this interview with The Sun, which is what they call private conversations on people's telephones ALLEGEDLY, Van Persie says:
"Nearly all Premier League clubs now have a GPS system to track down the opposition and monitor how much players run in a game.
"We had a funny situation at Arsenal recently when one of the players said he had to go home to pick something up - but forgot he still had the GPS around him.
"So one of the physios said 'Ok, you go home' and these guys went straight on to the computer and tracked him down.
"They could actually see he really did go home and came straight back, so he wasn't lying. And now we don't have a private life!"
At least if Wenger does decide to leave Arsenal next year he'll have some relevant experience to go and work at CTU - they haven't done anything for a while and there's bound to be some water bottles to throw around when Jack Bauer doesn't play by the rules.  Wenger could always just say he didn't see the incident when Bauer is tried with murder I suppose.  Maybe while he's there he can also identify who the mole is, or maybe he'll turn out to be a bad guy himself and this whole thing will have just been a giant ruse to help Cesc move back to Barcelona... that's the last thing he'd expect...