Tuesday, 10 May 2011

'Arry is scared of Man City / Terrorists

'Arry Redknapp has been chatting on the phone and that you know to Man City people and apparently they have some signings lined up that will 'blow your mind':

shamelessly taken from the telegraph website
The Daily Express says:
Redknapp’s Tottenham travel to City tonight where a win for Roberto Mancini’s side will secure them a Champions League berth for the first time, and make them even more attractive bait for the world’s top players.
Redknapp, who admits Spurs need a miracle to oust City for the second season running, said: “The Champions League is the key. People I know at City tell me they’ve got one or two players lined up already who’ll blow your brains out. That’s where they are going.
“They’ve got unlimited funds and won’t stop until they win the championship and even then the Champions League.”
They won't just stop there Harry!  After that it's going to be Poland, then the Czech Republic, then more of Europe, then the world, then the moon!  It never ends!  We at Fitbathatba can exclusively reveal who some of the summer signings are going to be thanks to our extensive scouting network employed all over google.  If our information is trustworthy then expect to see Gary Speed, Jack Bauer, the red power ranger, Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters and Harry Redknapp playing for Man City next year.  Wait, that doesn't sound right.