Monday, 18 April 2011

Wilshure he deserved it but Gareth Bale is an epic fail

It was the PFA player of the year awards, Gareth Bale picked up the player of the year and Jack Wilshere won the young player award. A great success for the Gareth Bale hype machine that was created by Britain's media.
Bale receiving the award from David Jason
Now there is no doubting that Bale has been phenomenal in a few games this year, mainly against Inter Milan in the champions league but the extra from planet of the apes over the course of the season has been miles behind many players in the league, in terms of consistency. Bale has 11 goals and 4 assists this season. Nani who wasn't even nominated has 10 goals and 17 assists.

Obviously Nani looks like Michael Jackson and is about as popular with non-Manchester United fans as MJ was with the Childline, which probably accounted for him not making the list. Off the top of my head, Scott Parker, Vidic, Nasri, Charlie Adam and Tevez have also definitely had better seasons. Then again Parker has a 1920s haircut, Vidic likes to kick people, Nasri looks like a lesbian, Adam is Scottish and Tevez is really ugly, all good reasons for none of them winning the award.

I can't even try to make a joke or argue with Wilshere's award. The wee man is absolutely brilliant and technically the best English midfielder since Paul Scholes. He does have a weird mouth though and always looks confused