Sunday, 17 April 2011

Vincent Kompany has a Giant Head

Rio Ferdinand used all his cunning to post some stuff on Twitter whinging about Mario Balotelli winding up Man Utd fans.  The BBC says:

"If you score a goal and give a bit to opposing fans I kind of accept that," said Ferdinand through Twitter.
"But at the final whistle, go to your fans and enjoy it, not opposing fans."
Balotelli is believed to have thrust the badge on his shirt in the direction of opposition supporters, while also winking sarcastically at centre-back Ferdinand as the players left the field.
In his defence, Mario Balotelli is one of an elite group of humans known as 'cunts'.  He's so completely detached from reality that things he literally does in real life don't have any effect in his mind be it throw darts at humans or try to start a riot in a major English city.  His vision is sort of like what Robocop sees or the matrix except not boring and with added Matthew Etherington.  Rio can hardly talk either because in some countries there are laws about being as ugly as him, though he'd probably just choose to ignore these laws and say he forgot he was supposed to go for an ugly test.  What I'm doing here is implying that he didn't do that drugs test because he might not have enjoyed the results, sort of like how he isn't enjoying the result that ensured Man Utd aren't in the FA Cup final!  Take that Rio Ferdinand!