Wednesday, 6 April 2011

United get lucky for the first time ever in history. Barca, the greatest team ever in history?

Hi football people. So Man Utd take a 1-0 away win into the 2nd leg of their quarter final with Chelsea.

The first goal was a thing of beauty with Carrick remembering he can actually pass more than 5 yards, Giggs showing the touch of Jesus and Rooney finishing with a plum, ironic as Wayne Rooney has never eaten, seen or even heard of one. (i know it's aplomb before you get upset)
the wind changed and now Terry's face is like that forever
The main talking point from the game however will be THAT penalty. Yes THAT one that actually wasn't given. I'm not sure just how blatant a foul in the box needs to be if that penalty isn't given. Evra basically scissor chopped Ramires at knee height. In the ref's defence it was a really hard decision, it's not like he is a top referee, making lots of money, refereeing a champions league quarter final, where he is expected to know the difference between a good tackle and this

Evra with a textbook tackle 
Fergie typically responded with "didn't see it, LOL"

In fantasy football, Barcelona only scored 5 against Shakhtar Donetsk, losers. 5-1 the final score and yet another lesson in how to play football for every player/coach/fan/human out there who has ever had a remote interest in football.
Iniesta played the whole game with his thumb in his mouth to make things fairer
Shakhtar played their part by playing some nice attacking football and saying "fuck it, we are going to get beat anyway so no point defending." I for one have had enough of this Barcelona team, it's like when you're at school and there is one kid who is far better at football than anyone else and he knows it. He thinks he's being nice by not really trying most of the time but whenever he wants to, he will nutmeg you, score from 30 yards and then have sex with your girlfriend. Barcelona need to go to a different school, they are too good, unfortunately for every other team, they are here to stay for a few years yet. Perhaps we can get a bully to break their legs.