Thursday, 21 April 2011

Title Race at a snails pace, Wenger with egg on his face

With Man Utd scoring a nil all tied game on Tuesday against Newcastle, Arsenal had the chance to make up some ground last night Guess what happened?

Yes that's a dinosaur doing a minutes silence
Yes, man-owl Wenger watched his Arsenal team let another lead slip. It was 3-3 in the twice annual North London soccer goals shoot out, at one point Arsenal were 3-1 ahead, then the giant bear Huddlestone scored with a big fat lazy swing of the left foot. Then keeper Chesney Hawkes decided Almunia is not the one and only goalkeeper at Arsenal who enjoys a mistake, and gave away a penalty. (scored by Van der Vaart)

"This team has a remarkable attitude and even if at the moment we do not have the number of points, we are remarkably consistent and it was a difficult game tonight."

After the game Wenger said the above, I think he's actually gone a bit mental. My Granny had alzheimer's and she used to repeat the same nonsense all the time as well.

Chelsea moved themselves into 2nd place, above Arsenal with a 3-1 win over Birmingham. Malouda (scored two) and Drogba remembered they are actually very good players and Kalou joined my list of really good rubbish players (along with Park, Crouch and Kuyt) scoring a brilliant individual goal.

Ancelotti has not given up hope of the title just yet
"In football, I learned that everything can happen in the game right up to the final whistle"
In football I have learnt that even if you are one of the most disgusting and stupid human beings in the world, you can be a millionaire. Put down those books kids, they won't get you anywhere.