Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunderland sued thanks to misfiring dude

Forgettable striker djibril cisse has landed former employers sunderland in trouble after knocking a supporter unconscious during training by kicking a ball at his head very hard:

Niall Quinn was responding to a question during a BBC Radio Newcastle phone-in about whether fans were still allowed to watch training sessions.

Niall Quinn said: "We had a supporter who got a bad injury,

"I think it was one of Djibril Cisse's misses where he had a shot from 20 yards.

"I'm making fun of it now, but it knocked a supporter out. It was quite serious.

You can't help but feel that anyone who goes to watch sunderland train during the normal hours that humans go to work probably deserves what comes to them, sort of like the people that seem to always hang around outside St James park whenever Newcastle swap managers. It's like a zombie bat signal beckons them beyond their control to assemble by a football ground and give soundbites like "this is an outrage" and "sack the board" before they wander into the club shop to renew their season ticket.