Monday, 18 April 2011


It's that time of the year again. Voting time! Not for the Scottish Parliament, nobody cares about that but the reconstruction of the Scottish Premier Leauge.

10 games a year against St.Mirren , ALRIGHT!
Representatives of the 12 top teams will be voting in May to change the really boring, monotonous SPL where nobody gives two hoots, or even one, including the players because everyone is playing against each other 100 times a year, into a 10 game league with a 12 team championship instead of Division 1.

Instead of increasing the size of the league which every player, every fan and every person who is not retarded, wants, the clubs will no doubt vote for the 10 team league, as this ensures more games against the Old Firm and of course more £££££s for the clubs.

Fat-head Neil Doncaster who is the SPL chief executive believes that everyone wants a 10-team league.
"I think there's a real desire for change - a real need for change - and it's up to the clubs what that change looks like"
It seems inevitable that this is going to happen, congratulations on making the SPL even worse and even more boring, just when we thought it wasn't possible, bravo.