Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fernando Should Never Cut His Hair

So Manchester United casually strolled into the semi-finals of the Champions League tonight with a 2-1 win over Chelsea and the big news is that Fernando Torres still thinks he is Shola Ameobi and not Fernando Torres. Actually that's a bit harsh come to think of it... Ameobi has actually scored recently.

Who am I?
Chelsea were reasonably good until United scored. In fact if they had started with Drogba, who knows what may have happened. No point in speculating, they are out. A well worked goal from Hernandez, a good finish from Drogba and a goal from one of those ace but kind of shit players, (like Kuyt) Park scored the winner.

Torres played the first half and was useless yet again. I believe his powers lie in his hair, when he had that blondeish mullety thing at Liverpool he was awesome. This brown hair he is sporting just isn't cutting it. Get to the barbers immediately before it's too late and you are making sub appearances for Barnsley!

"We have to believe and have patience in Torres and have faith he will improve" said Ancelotti after the game. Ouch.

Man Utd will now most likely play some team called Schalke, unless Schalke's entire team gets struck down with super AIDS before tomorrow night's game with Inter. Stranger things have happened - Djimi Traore won the champions league.