Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scottish Football is Awful

Referee's favourite wannabe Irish team, Celtic, beat Aberdeen again, to reach another cup final; this time for the prestigious Scottish Cup!

The odious Neil Lennon oversaw his side rip apart an Aberdeen team reduced to 10 men after Andrew Considine thought it a good idea to barely touch a Celtic player and watched him fall over.  Jamie 'Clangers' Langfield saved the resulting penalty but from then on in there was just pretty much no point in playing the game.  It's hard to win a game against 13 players and it makes the task even more difficult when the semi-final in question is held down the road from the opposition's stadium.  Celtic went on to win 300 league titles, 178 scottish cups, occasionally passing the mantle to Rangers who also won 300 league titles and 179 scottish cups.  Eventually everyone in Scotland just supported one of those two teams because "my family supports them" and the SPL turned into a giant prison like on "Escape From New York".  Kurt Russel plays on the left wing for St Johnstone and has to save the president from something or whatever.