Saturday, 23 April 2011

Romelu Lukaku looks like this

image shamelessly pinched from google

There you go.  Every club in the world with any money want to sign him, today's rumours point towards a move to the Premier League according to talkSPORT, and judging by this first look of him, I can only imagine that he will move to Chelsea.  This kid is 17 and has already scored 36 goals in 64 games for Anderlecht.  When I was 17 I used to play pool with my Dad and go pint to pint with him - I would lose every time at both games and get really, really pissed.  We also played with this guy who was in a wheelchair who was significantly better at pool than me, but he did have more practise because he was 50 odd.

To summarise:  when I was 17 I used to get really pissed and lose at pool to a disabled man.  Romelu Lukaku scores goals at a high professional level and will be, if not already is, a millionaire.  But who's better at drinking now?  Yeh, I'll have the last laugh Lukaku.