Friday, 1 April 2011

ROFLham LOLspurs could be the ones laughing

Jose Mourinho told the press today that Ronaldo, Benzema and Marcelo will all be out of the upcoming Champions League game against Tottenham Hotspur.

come on Karim you big bear, give me a hug
"If they were available they would play [against Sporting Gijon]. Saturday's match is more decisive than next week's against Tottenham because the latter is the best of two."
Confusing quote from Jose but I assume that means they are not playing. Good news for Spurs is that with these three out they will be playing against no marks like Higuain, Ozil, Khedira and Di Maria. It's in the bag, might as well just send out the reserves and save the players for the league.

It is some what upsetting that we will be missing out on Sky's Ronaldo wank fest but hopefully he will be back for the second leg so we can watch Jamie Redknapp strumming himself over Ronaldo's step overs. IN 3D!!! Top, top entertainment.