Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Remember when Stephen Ireland was good?

It wasn't too long ago that Stephen Ireland was absolutely brilliant. These days he cannot even get a game for Newcastle and news came in today that he is out for the season. Probably ruining any chance he had of making his loan move (from Aston Villa) a permanent one.

Ireland, showing off his exquisite taste in the above photograph, is a renowned mentalist with a major attitude problem. However after reading some of his quotes, he is someone I think I would get on with really well. He famously pulled out an Ireland game saying his Grandma had died, of course she hadn't. After getting busted he claimed it was actually his paternal Grandmother who had died, again this wasn't true. Not to be perturbed, he then claimed his Grandfather had divorced and it was his second wife who died.............also lies.

Some of the best quotes
"going away for three days to play Andorra? I've got better things to do"
"when you're Irish, you know you're never going to win the world cup" 
 "live in Cork? I might as well shoot myself. I prefer Los Angeles"
So Ireland will soon be back to Aston Villa, where Houllier absolutely hates him, so unless Houllier dies, which isn't too unlikely, chances are he will be released. Rumour has it that he is going to start a new career as a gangster rapper and move to South Central. A rumour I started.