Thursday, 21 April 2011

Real Madrid and Barcelona kick each other

Copa del Rey final time last night which was eventually won by Real Madrid 1-0. After fouling each other 1000000 times, Ronaldo scored the winning goal with a header in the first half of injury time.

El Classico is generally a showcase of everything good about football, goals, skills, pace and all out attack. That was before it was Mourinho'd.  Deploying Pepe in midfield to kick people has proved to be a piece of tactical genius, turns out skillful players like Messi and Iniesta don't like being booted up the arse by fully grown men.

José Mourinho has again successfully spread his winning mentality, reports if this mentality is sexually transmitted are still to be confirmed.  From match winning giraffe necked Adonis Ronaldo -
"Mourinho has given us a winning spirit and this is a really important trophy for us - it was an objective we had for this season and we have achieved it."
Celebrations after the game were wild, and from Sergio Ramos in particular who celebrated the only way he knew how, by pretending to be a matador and later throwing the trophy under the team bus and watching it get run over.