Thursday, 28 April 2011

Rangers fans are banned

Glasgow Rangers, a thoroughly reputable team supported by bright and respectable football fans, have been banned from having anyone support them in their next away match in Europe for sectarian singing.  That's people in 2011 still singing songs about religion at a football match.

Somewhat unfairly I have a biased opinion against Rangers for a few reasons: the first is because I am from Aberdeen, the 2nd is because I have a brain and my own thoughts to go with it and the 3rd is because I haven't beaten up anyone in my own family yet.  Rangers have also been fined 40,000 euros which equates to about 80,000 sausage rolls from Greggs or 20,000 breach of the peace fines.  The BBC says:
In a statement on the Rangers website, chief executive Martin Bain said: "We are bitterly disappointed that our club has been placed in a position where we are subjected to these kind of sanctions by Uefa.

He continued blaming the fine on those 'damn fenians' and then paid tribute to the queen; the ruling monarch of a country that on International matches he will attest to 'hate because they always talk about 1966'.