Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pointless News Story

Jose Mourinho didn't show up for a press conference and so all the press left..... this is on the front page of the BBC by the way.

 From BBC Sport:

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho's refusal to speak to the media ahead of Saturday's game against Barcelona prompted a walkout by journalists.
"Mourinho doesn't want his words blown out of proportion," said the Real coach's assistant Aitor Karanka.
"He doesn't want to be the one who raises the temperature."
Barca are eight points clear of Real in La Liga, with the two sides also due to meet in the Spanish Cup final and two legs of a Champions League semi-final.
About 30 Spanish journalists walked out when it was announced that Mourinho would not be speaking to the media.

How is this news?  Mourinho, also known as 'the coolest mother fucker to ever walk the planet' can make something newsworthy by not doing it.  That is cool.  Imagine if he'd turned up and they'd asked him questions and stuff?  Crazy.  It's interesting that Mourinho won't win the league this year but not because he isn't the greatest manager in the world but simply because if Barcelona don't win it, the Universe is upside down and Jesus or God or whoever lives in space has to shake the world to get the ball out of the corner.  God probably looks like Mourinho to be fair