Thursday, 14 April 2011

Peter Odemwingie's agent tells lies

West Brom's top scorer Peter Odemwingie is completely focused on helping them avoid relegation this year and doesn't care that Juventus would like to sign him.

As with everyone from Nigeria, Peter is completely trustworthy and in fact his agent is part of the royal family and recently borrowed my bank details to move some money around.  I get a good share of the profits though!  The internet has finally paid off for me.  I would say it's something of a dead cert that if an agent tells the press, unprovoked, that his client doesn't want to move to one of the most historic clubs in world football rather than living somewhere near Birmingham, he is telling the truth.  Umm have you even been to Italy?  What does it have that Birmingham doesn't?  Exactly.  There is no need to ever leave.