Sunday, 3 April 2011

Paul Ince is the worst manager ever

Paul Ince's career just keeps on sky rocketing and today is no exception because he has been fired.... again!

It would appear that Ince's managerial skills don't quite match those he had as a player and Notts County have, after consulting their hearts, decided to part their ways with the tactical genius after about 6 months at the helm.

Notts chairman Ray Trew told the club website: "It was with a heavy heart that the board called a meeting in the aftermath of our defeat by Oldham."

 And now with a heavy heart, poor Paul Ince has to try and find another job doing these tough times.  It's a recession people!  When it's time to pay those bills, poor Paul Ince will have to plead with the men at the front door "please don't break my knees!" but it will be pointless - his sofa, his TV and his bed will all belong to the bank;  the evil bank!  Broken, bereft of hope and isolated from the football world that has rejected him, poor Paul Ince will crawl beneath a bridge and cry into the night like the night-crawler that he is.  Crawling through the night, solving crimes and solving complicated science problems, Paul Ince will become stronger than you can possibly imagine.  Then he will secretly take over a junior boys club and manage them to league success - it's a fool proof idea!

5 games later that team is still without a win and Paul Ince should probably take a hint.  But until then all he has to do is believe.  Or something like that, I'll be honest, I haven't paid attention to most of what I've written there.