Sunday, 24 April 2011

Old Firm set for explosive game

A heated contest between Scotland's only 2 club teams for the 24th time this season is about to happen in Glasgow this afternoon!  Oooooh I just cannot wait!  Oh no, wait, I'm having a stroke

In fairness, despite the fact that I really would rather watch any other football game in the world, this game has added heat because people are trying to blow up Celtic managers and fans which doesn't normally happen.  When I was at school most of the other kids supported Rangers and Manchester United because those were the teams that won stuff, even though they were born and brought up in Aberdeen.  It was absolutely infuriating.  At some point more kids started following Celtic and now here we are today where I can walk into any pub to watch this match and it will be filled with people whose 'family supported them' who know absolutely nothing about the game, yet still sing songs (in private now) about celebrating the deaths of other humans and how those blasted catholics, or protestants or whatever the fuck it is they believe in are to blame for it all.  Unless you are a child, you should have grown out of believing in a god by now - if you or all your friends just hadn't ever been told that santa wasn't real you'd still believe in him now.  If you bring religion in to a game of football you are a retard and should be put down.  Not all old firm fans are as stupid as this, but an awful lot of them are.

If this game happened twice a year I might care, but 7 times?  Really?  7 times?