Sunday, 24 April 2011

No way Jose! Oh actually, time for Jose B

That's an awful headline.  Jose Enrique is basically almost definitely leaving Newcastle in the Summer and is probably heading to Liverpool or Bayern Munich. But wait... what's that on the horizon?  Alan Pardew.... saying Jose is hear to say?

The Daily Mirror says:

Toon boss Alan Pardew, already in a fight to hang on to key midfielder Joey Barton, is facing up to the fact that top scorer Kevin Nolan is now a target for West Ham.

Pardew said about a week ago that 'he isn't leaving', which then turned into 'there is no deal in place' (despite the fact that there is according to Phil Thompson).  Enrique is a pretty decent left back so whatever, I'd leave a club managed by someone new every 6 weeks as well and I'd definitely leave one managed by 'I'll relegate you' Alan Pardew.  Actually I'm being harsh, Alan did promise that Andy Carroll wouldn't be moving and that worked out alright.  Expect Jose to move for £300 million in July