Sunday, 10 April 2011

Newcastlol Lose/Arsenal Close Gap (not the store)

Alan Pardew is a genius on a 5 year contract at Newcastle United.  In January he sold their only quality striker before the club was clear of the DROP ZONE and he didn't think that Carlos Tevez or Javier Mascherano were good enough to start for West Ham.  Aston Villa should be easy right?

Hell no!  The only positive to come from Newcastle's performance was Jose Enrique trying to skin as many players as he possibly good as though it were fucking Tiny Wings and he wanted the high score.  Someone called James Collins scored the winner and pushed Villa, who are incredibly boring btw, further away from trouble.

Earlier in the day Arsenal continued in their valiant bid to finish 2nd in everything by beating Blackpool.  If Ian Holloway wasn't the manager of Blackpool no one would be sad to see them relegated so this result really works in everyone's favour.  Diaby and then Eboue scored for the yellows and then Taylor-Fletcher scored for the orange team, and then Robin Van Persie scored a third - it was all terribly exciting!  About halfway through the game the two teams seemed to swap the goals that they were shooting for and I got very confused, but the man next to me explained that this usually happens at football matches and that I should shut up.