Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Neil Lennon doesn't like the Postman

Ginger faced mink merchant, Neil Lennon, wasn't awfully happy with his early Christmas card this year because it was a bomb.  If you don't know what bombs are, they explode and make a big bang noise!

look at his ugly, ugly face
The BBC reports today someone sent a parcel bomb to Celtic's training ground, and they also sent one to Lennon's lawyer and a retired MP.  Something tells me that whoever assembled this evil plan isn't incredibly smart.

"Viable" parcel bombs have been sent to Celtic manager Neil Lennon and two high-profile fans of the Glasgow club, sources have told the BBC.
Sources said the liquid-based devices, sent in the past month, appear to have been intended to "kill or maim".
Mr Lennon's lawyer, Paul McBride QC, and former deputy presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, Trish Godman, were the other two people targeted.
The devices were found at various locations in the west of Scotland.
Sources close to the investigation indicated they were rudimentary and did not appear to have been made by someone with paramilitary training in bomb-making.

The word rudimentary is quite important here, because what that means is 'fucking awful'.  Why go to all the trouble of making a bomb when you can just attack him in the street?  For legal reasons I think I should just point out that I do not advocate sending bombs to, nor attacking, Neil Lennon.  Reports that the bomb had a 'sent from' address labelled 'El Hadj Diouf have not been confirmed, nor denied, because I made it up.