Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Michael Owen is Manchester legend

Man utd hero Michael Owen spoke of his desire to stay at the club after his contract expires, and considering just how amazing a player he still is it's almost certain that he will get one. Or is it....?

The sun reports that Owen, now 31 somehow, is happy with life at old Trafford:

My contract expires at the end of the season and I've made no secret that, in an ideal world, I would extend my stay. But we will just wait and see what the club say

I'd warrant that the club will offer him a 5 year deal so he can grab some more beyond extra time goals but then regret it when they have to send him on a permanent trip to the treatment room to share a bed with Owen 'I'm always injured' Hargreaves. I bet those 2 together have amassed an almighty fortune sitting on their arse playing FIFA while poor Darren Mackie at Aberdeen works his socks off everyday just to get to work. Owen is the kind of guy that would make himself captain in fifa, then sign villa and messi but still put himself upfront because deep down he still thinks that he's better.