Wednesday, 27 April 2011


El Classico part 942 was played tonight and Messi scored both goals to give Barcelona a 2-0 victory over Real Madrid

After successfully managing to drag the reputation of El Classico through the dirt in the last two games, Mourinho's men set about kicking their way to a result again tonight. The first half was just a terrible game of football and it was strange to watch Real Madrid fouling the opposition every time they defended and simply hoofing the ball as far away as possible when they finally did get it. Barcelona finished the game with 77% possession.

Half time gave us all a rest from the disgusting game we had been enduring and we were treated to a playground style brawl. It seemed to stem from the Madrid coaches telling the Barcelona substitute goalkeeper that he had terrible hair, which is fair enough really,  no white man should have corn-rolls.

Eventually the referee just got bored of the constant fouling and decided he simply had to send off someone. Unfortunately for Pepe, it was him, leaving Madrid with 10 men.......again.

As expected these days, Messi thankfully saved the day with two goals to add to his tally of 200 for the season. His second goal came after dribbling straight round and through about four or five Madrid players. He needs to be banned, as discussed before he is clearly being controlled by some fat Asian kid somewhere. Probably this guy