Monday, 25 April 2011

Mario Balotelli is a legend

I absolutely love this guy.  The Sun has a story today about the mad striker having had his car impounded 27 separate times:

MADCAP MARIO BALOTELLI has notched up nearly £10,000 in parking fines and had his luxury car impounded 27 TIMES, The Sun can reveal.

The Manchester City star has left liaison officers at the club tearing their hair out as they have had to go back time and time again to reclaim his Maserati.
The £100,000-a-week Italian striker has had an average of three parking tickets a DAY since he signed for the Premier League club last year.
A source at the club said: "Mario will drive from his luxury apartment to a restaurant a few streets away and leave the car on double yellows.
"The other week the Maserati misfired so he just abandoned it. Staff have had to bail it out 27 times.
"The valet the club uses empties the glovebox of tickets every time he cleans it. Mario doesn't seem to care. It's a drop in the ocean to him."

As if he couldn't give any less of a fuck, the story then says:

The source added: "Mario was pulled over by the police and he had £25,000 cash on the passenger seat. They asked him why and he said, 'Because I can'. He doesn't care much for authority."

I defy anyone in the world to not find that cool.  Not only do you have to be enough of an idiot to carry 25 grand around with you in your passenger seat but you also have to have the balls to tell a policeman that you're only doing it because you can.  You know, why wouldn't I be carrying around 25 grand IN CASH just scooping about till I fancy a big mac.  It would be like if I were to be in my living room with 2 cans of coke, not 1, then my Mum is all like 'why do you have 2?' and I'm all 'because I can, Mum.  Ahhhhhhhh yeh!'

I think it might be cooler if I didn't currently live with my parents