Sunday, 3 April 2011

Man Utd roast (West) Ham, Newcastle slay Wolves

The news from Saturday's games then:

Alex Ferguson's whinging pays off and Nemanja Vidic avoids being sent off against West Ham, despite definitely probably deserving to.  Those pesky referees and their anti-man utd bias - it's been the same for years!  Rooney scores a pretty decent hat-trick to secure a 4-2 victory and West Ham cave in putting relegation fairly firmly in Avram Grant's mind, in amongst all the thoughts of just how much longer he can evade death.  That man looks like he has seen every war since time began and he also looks like Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows.

Roy Hodgson gets to laugh at Kenny Dalglish, but then pretend that he isn't, as his West Brom side beats Liverpool 2-1

Arsenal contrive to ruin their season even further by not being able to score against Blackburn and drawing 0-0, Samir Nasri also gets head-butted by Ryan Nelson in mid air and then a creature tries to escape from his head.

Newcastle ruin my coupon by actually beating someone, Wolves the unlucky away side on this occasion.  Shola Ameobi stars in the show apparently, which just goes to show exactly how terrible Wolves are.  Ameobi.

Meanwhile Real Madrid lose at home and end Jose Mourinho's 9 year unbeaten home record.  Mourinho just shrugs and tells everyone to 'chillax' before going home and punching a horse in the face