Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Man Invades Pitch on Wheelchair. Really.

A man called Derry Felton invaded the pitch at Northampton Town against Rotherham in a wheelchair the other night, and you couldn't ask for a more glamourous tie than that.

Felton, who is quadriplegic, was watching his beloved Cobblers when they scored a late equaliser against Rotherham which could help the club avoid relegation from League Two.
After evading security, the 18-year-old found himself at the centre of attention when the crowd cleared and he was stuck on the half-way line at the Sixfields stadium without any cover.
But rather than escort him directly off the field Felton was allowed to take the scenic route toward the far end of the pitch. 

It's nice to know that equal rights exist in this world so it will be good to finally hear what happens to this trouble maker once they throw him in the slammer.  They only gave him a wheelchair when he told them he "couldn't wait to go and see Northampton Town play" and they realised he was mentally challenged.   I'm only joking, he's actually disabled.  Furthermore, he's obviously quite dangerous since he managed to "evade security".  How do you evade security on a 5 mph motorised chair?  Were they sleeping in the room opposite his prison cell and he had to use a broom stick to carefully lift the keys out of the guard's pocket?  Just to make this story even more heartwarming, if you actually watch the video on YouTube of the event you can hear people laughing at a man in a wheelchair getting stuck in the middle of a football pitch, and that's all Felton wanted all along - to make the world laugh.