Friday, 8 April 2011

Man City and Chelsea are cheating

According to the BBC today:

Two of English football's top-four clubs could be excluded from European competition in future as they fail Uefa rules that are about to be introduced.
The Financial Fair Play Regulations do not come into force until 1 June and will not really bite until 2013.
However, a study of recent accounts by BBC Sport shows Chelsea and Manchester City would fall well short of the rules if they were being applied today.
City were £110m in the red while Chelsea showed a deficit of over £50m.
Uefa's rules allow clubs to run up losses of £65m over the first five years.
I absolutely love the saga at Man City - it's basically like when I used to cheat at Championship Manager and just sell all the players I didn't want for about £25 million to Juve and Real and then just buy whoever I wanted.  Except in real life.  Imagine having so much money that you buy a multi-million pound football club one day because, basically, you are bored and then decide that you quite want to watch Ronaldo play for your club, and maybe Messi as well because you can pay him whatever!  Then they reject your offer and you go 'hah!  I'll just offer them more' and then they reject that... and then you set your sights a little lower so Kaka, or maybe Rooney but then they both reject you as well.  Never fear because money is here!  You can bid for Gareth Barry.... and finish 7th... and then maybe make the Champions League next year and then slowly but surely this idea of spending unlimited oil cash on Gareth Barry becomes a very frightening reality and it sinks in that for the same amount of money you could have just bought the city of Dundee and set fire to it.  Or you could set fire to Gareth Barry.  It would make him interesting at least - what shows more leadership: boring Gareth Barry, or Gareth Barry... ON FIRE!