Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lower league football - Lower class fans

Bury won the League 2 Championship yesterday and their goalkeeper took a punch in the face for his troubles

Bury were playing Chesterfield in a top of the table clash, which Bury won 3-2 to claim the title. Chesterfield scored an early goal and a few fans celebrated the goal in traditional style by running onto the pitch to give the goalkeeper the fingers and punch him in the face.

So many things about this story annoy me. Firstly, the fact there are people who actually care about League 2 football. Secondly, these people care enough to run onto the pitch and punch a goalkeeper. Thirdly, these kids look about 13-14, why are they out watching lower league football when they should be hanging around bus stops, drinking Buckfast, smoking Lambert & Butler cigarettes they have stolen and having unprotected sex?

What's upsetting me the most about this story is the way these kids look. When did CHAVS or NEDS stop dressing in Burberry, with white socks tucked into tracksuit trousers? If they are dressing like normal people how do we know who to avoid in our daily lives? One of the guys in that photo has plugs in his ears and his mate is wearing a checked shirt, that is not what I would associate with the young thug look. Thankfully at a young age, I chose the option of judging and hating everyone, just to be safe. Fitbathatba 1, everyone else 0.