Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Joey Barton - Not a danger to the public....

Joey Barton renowned "hardman" (psycho) , will be attending an interview with US immigration officials in order to grant him entry into America

an artists impression of Joey inside, receiving his first raping
It is understood that Joey will have a tough time convincing the US officials that he is not a danger to the public because he is clearly a mental. Barton has served time after being convicted of assault outside of a McDonalds, he also has a four month suspended sentence for kicking the shit out of Ousmane Dabo.

Everyone deserves a second chance though right? Or in Barton's case about nine or ten. His good form and apparent good behaviour have been credited to going teetotal. Let's hope he gets fired into the beers soon, as long as it's not your head he's kicking in or eyeball being burnt by a cigarette, the man's scumbag tendencies make for great entertainment. How about we campaign for the US to let Barton in, then once he's in ply him with alcohol and set him loose. I can see the headlines now, "Barton kills three and injures ten more on alcohol fueled gun rampage". We can only dream.