Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jermaine Pennant is Criminal - Thinks This Hinders International Career

Jermain Pennant's career has just gotten better and better from the word go!  To jail.  The "prodigiously talented school boy" has told the guardian that it might not have been a good idea to have been in jail for driving whilst pissed:

In March 2005, while on loan from Arsenal at Birmingham City, Pennant was sentenced to three months in prison after he was found guilty of drink-driving, driving while disqualified and having no insurance. It turned out to be a defining moment in his life.
"The drink-driving incident was a turning point," says Pennant, who was released from prison after serving 31 days. "I had a lot of time on my hands and a lot of time on my own – obviously I didn't have my freedom for a month. I sat down with my agent and we had a long talk. I met Steve Bruce [then the Birmingham manager] as well and obviously from there I did well at Birmingham and went to Liverpool, so I think that was a definite turning point."

It comes as no surprise to learn that his time at Woodhill prison, in Milton Keynes, was a sobering experience. "Prison was not very nice at all. But that's what happens if you make mistakes and you get punished," says Pennant. 
Just to regurgitate what has been said here; a millionaire footballer was driving a car, even though he was banned from driving, driving it without insurance, even though he was banned from driving and the two things might be linked, and he did it whilst pissed.  If anyone wants to know why national teams from the UK do so poorly in world competition, it's because players have brains that work like this.  He played in a Champions League Final.  It is this brain that continues to delude Pennant into thinking that he should be in the England team but 'never gets the chance because they can't see past me being in jail once'.  I'd like to point out that it might also be that Jermaine Pennant isn't really good enough to play at the same level as Rooney, Messi, Chris Sutton..... erm David May........ Ruel Fox.  Gavin Peacock?  Philipe Albert?  David Ginola, Alan Shearer, Les Ferdinand, Shaka Hislop, Steve Howey, John Beresford, Warren Barton.  Warren Barton was a good player