Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jeremy Menez - good in FM but good enough for the Prem?

After doing my rounds at the rumour mill this morning, I heard that Football Manager 08 legend Jeremy Menez may very well be heading for Engerland this summer.

After defat at home to Inter 1-0 in the first leg of the Italian Cup, Menez had a "furious bust up" with coach and Roma legend Vicenzo Montella which did not go down too well with revered supporters group Roma Ultras. Roma's Ultras are a bit different to the ones I knew at Aberdeen, who spent their time meeting up for tea and scones and discussing how to decorate Pittodrie. Roma Ultras like stabbing people and throwing stones.

Leaving the ground Menez's car windscreen was smashed in with rocks. In Britain we just call players names and make up chants, the Ultras all too familiar with the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me", instead go for flares, petrol bombs, knives, bricks and the odd stick or two.

Menez, understandably wants to leave because the Roma fans are a bit mental. From the always reliable Daily Mail-
'My departure is possible. I have been playing here for three years, but in order to do well I have to feel people have confidence in me and that I’m important for the club. 
'I haven’t been given anywhere near as much help as others here. I want them to understand that Roma will regret their decisions down the line.'

Italian Media are suggesting interest from Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs, I guess I count as the media so I'm going to throw in Plymouth Argyle and Raith Rovers into the mix.