Friday, 1 April 2011

Japanese Messi has messy hair

CALL OFF THE SEARCH! Yes we have finally found the new Messi and just in the nick of time. Messi who is now 23 and clearly passed it, will soon be replaced by a Japanese 9 year old. We still do not know his name so perhaps we (the internet) can name him, suggestions on a postcard please. Roger, that'll do.

He has already caught the attention of the Barcelona youth team coach and football manager fans everywhere wondering if he will be added to the game on the next update.

HOWEVER I can exclusively reveal that after a few watches of this video, I have concluded that the star of the video is actually a thirty-five year old midget. His legs, arms and head are all clearly out of proportion. There is nothing impressive about an adult man dribbling around a bunch of nine year olds. In fact a few people have been arrested for it. ( paedophile joke lol)