Friday, 22 April 2011

Houllier still not dead, having a rest

Gerard Houllier is out for the rest of the season according to the Daily Express, and to be honest, it's probably a good thing because as much as some people like football, it's quite important to be alive to enjoy it fully:

GERARD HOULLIER is not expected to be on the touchline again this season after his health scare, but Aston Villa insist his job will remain open. 
Houllier, 63, was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham late on Wednesday night complaining of chest pains and will remain under observation over Easter, with assistant Gary McAllister to take charge of tomorrow’s home game against Stoke.
It is not yet clear whether Houllier’s illness was heart-related, but Villa are determined to give him as much time as he requires to make a full recovery.
Houllier joins Joe Kinnear in the 'people who have heart problems shouldn't manage football clubs' category.  Expect Arsene Wenger to join this list at some point, or perhaps appear in a mental asylum if Arsenal don't win any trophies next year.  I have never seen a man look as stressed out in my life and someone from the country of water bottles should tell him to stop taking it out on them.  "Yes Mr Wenger, all the referees are out to get you, now take this bottle to throw around and have a nice lie down.  Don't worry, your team will be ok, Paul Ince is taking charge while you are resting".

I think I would literally have a heart attack or at least some sort of brain haemorrhage if Paul Ince did actually get the Arsenal job tbf